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Re: What did you do with Emacs!!!!!

From: Adam
Subject: Re: What did you do with Emacs!!!!!
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2003 18:24:06 +0000

On Tuesday, Apr 1, 2003, at 18:02 Atlantic/Reykjavik, R. Readi wrote:

If you want not GUI, jpeg dependencies, and other things, compile it
from sources, and give the arguments you want to the configure script
(read the file INSTALL and/or do "./configure --help").

I will try!

Is there any purist version of Emacs for the old Emacs fans?

Yes, search and install an old version.

Nice answer! Indeed, there were a point, at which better would have
been not to add any "feature", only correct bugs or make the code

You english make one head hurts     :)

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