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Re: New Emacs with GTK!

From: Miles Bader
Subject: Re: New Emacs with GTK!
Date: 02 Apr 2003 10:59:40 +0900

address@hidden (Kai Gro.AN_johann) writes:
> > It is a bloody pity that one can't easily configure GTK to have the
> > full mouse bindings of Athena scrollbars.
> Can one difficultly configure Gtk thusly?

I asked about this on emacs-devel, and the answer was `No, the bindings
in GTK are (very) hardwired.'

Agree that it sucks, but I suspect the world's been so polluted by
mac-style scrollbars, that this situation will take quite a lot of
effort to change...  At least the horrid fixed-sized thumb seems to be
on it's way out!


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