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From: Sebastian Tennant
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2003 23:41:51 +0100

 Hi all,

I'm running the bundled emacs that comes with OSX Jaguar (version 21.1.1 no less) and am experiencing one or two problems saving my desktop in between sessions. 'desktop-enable' is non-nil, and I manually M-x desktop-saved everything first time around. My .emacs.desktop file even lists the buffers correctly, (i.e. as text-mode), but try as I might they keep being restored in fundamental-mode. Curiously the minor mode auto-fill is being preserved but not the major mode! I've even put text-mode in desktop-buffer-modes-to-save and fundamental-mode in desktop-modes-not-to-save without success.

        Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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