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Re: What did you do with Emacs!!!!!

From: Lee Sau Dan
Subject: Re: What did you do with Emacs!!!!!
Date: 04 Apr 2003 09:00:11 +0200
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>>>>> "Tim" == Tim X <address@hidden> writes:

    Tim> The first thing I did when moving to emacs 21 was finid out
    Tim> how to get rid of the toolbar, the blinking cursor and
    Tim> rebuilt it without image support. 

That's also what I did a few years ago when I moved to Emacs 20.

Did you leap from Emacs 19.34 to Emacs 21, skip the 20th era?

    Tim> I now have emacs21 which looks similar to older emacs, but
    Tim> with the nicer font-lock support, additional useful modes and
    Tim> features.

Me too!   I'm running it  in X, but  I've removed the stupid  tool bar
that  wastes so  much space.   Font-lock is  great --  to bad  that it
didn't arrive until Emacs 21 (or  XEmacs 20).  That has been what kept
me away from tty Emacs (unless I can't get anything better).  Now with
Emacs 21,  I won't feel handicapped  when I work with  Emacs on simple

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