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problem with emacs color setting

From: Han Xu
Subject: problem with emacs color setting
Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 20:12:10 -0400


I wanted to set my GUI emacs to use same colors as console emacs.
I am using Redhat 7.3. Currently, the console emacs use Black as default
backgroud color, and other corresponding colors for syntax highlighting.
While, in GUI (X Window) emacs, the default backgroud color is White and
other colors also change, of course.

But I want to use Black backgroud for X Win emacs (and so related other
colors) too. I tried two ways, but not good result:

1. I simply changed backgroud color: (set-background-color "Black")
The bad thing is that other colors are not changing correspondingly.

2. I use color theme: (not in black back, but you know what i mean)

(require 'color-theme)

I am wondering if there is other way to set the X Win emacs to use Black
backgroud, and ideally, just use same color settings as console emacs ?

Thanks !

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