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Re: Looking for mode for Oracle Pro*C. AKA embedded SQL/C.

From: Tim X
Subject: Re: Looking for mode for Oracle Pro*C. AKA embedded SQL/C.
Date: 20 May 2003 19:43:03 +1000
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>>>>> "Robert" == Robert Pollard <address@hidden> writes:

 Robert> I am sorry I can't help you with your question but I believe
 Robert> you could help me.  I have been looking for a way to define
 Robert> my own colorization scheme for a particular mode type.  One
 Robert> of the ones I was needing to define was PL/SQL.  You
 Robert> indicated there was a SQL and PL/SQL mode in Emacs.  I was
 Robert> not aware that this existed.  How can I get this mode?  And,
 Robert> maybe you can help me understand how I can define my own mode
 Robert> or colorizations as well.  I have bought books on Emacs
 Robert> (which are few and far between) but none of them talk about
 Robert> defining your own mode.

 Robert> I have asked this list the question of how you define your
 Robert> own colors.  After a few responses of RTFM to you can
 Robert> colorize text with the font-lock-mode command I gave up on
 Robert> getting what I was looking for.  The manual describes and
 Robert> gives examples of adding keywords.  This is not what I am
 Robert> looking for.  I want to know how adding keywords works.  It
 Robert> appears when you add keywords you use a type face definition
 Robert> like font-lock-warning-face.  I don't want to use whatever
 Robert> font-lock-warning-face is using as a color or type
 Robert> definition.  I want to be able to use my own colors when
 Robert> defining patterns.  This is what I need to know.

 Robert> Could/would you point me in a direction to find out how to
 Robert> define my own colors for specific patterns?

 Robert> Could/would you point me in a direction to understanding what
 Robert> it would take to define my own mode?

 Robert> Could/would you let me know how to use SQL or PL/SQL editing
 Robert> modes?

 Robert> Thanks,

 Robert> Robert Pollard

 Robert> On Friday, May 16, 2003, at 02:07 PM, Mamouliane wrote:

 >>  Oracle Pro*C is basically a pre-processor. It takes a source file
 >> written in C and containing SQL statements. Hence the name
 >> embedded SQL.  The pre-processor replaces all SQL statements by C
 >> statements & function calls. In the end what you have is C source
 >> code that is then compiled and linked with Oracle libraries.  This
 >> is a very basic description of what it does but you get the idea.
 >> Is anyone aware of such a mode available for Pro*C? I know of a
 >> SQL mode and PL/SQL mode but can't find a mode for Pro*C or
 >> embedded SQL/C.  Should I write such a mode? Is it very difficult?
 >> It would basically be an extension to the available C mode. There
 >> is already modes for SQL and PL/SQL out there so I figure I would
 >> use that too.
 >> What do you guys think?
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 >> mailing list address@hidden

Look at - you can get PL/SQL mode there -
I've been using it daily - on the whole it works well - it does have
some minor bugs and I have sent some corrections and bug reports to
the author, but have never received a response and the mode has not
been updated since late last year. 

There is also some info on running modes for Pro*C and other tips
relating to using sql mode, additional functions which are quite
useful and there is some information at this site on writing your own
mode etc.


Tim Cross
The e-mail address on this message is FALSE (obviously!). My real e-mail is
to a company in Australia called rapttech and my login is tcross - if you 
really need to send mail, you should be able to work it out!

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