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Re: AucTeX problems on Mac OSX

From: Masashi Ito
Subject: Re: AucTeX problems on Mac OSX
Date: Thu, 03 Jul 2003 23:17:15 -0400

The problem reminded me of something I experienced with ispell. First of all, is the Emacs in question the Carbon version or the X-Window version? If the former, how did you launch Emacs, by clicking on the application icon in the Finder, or from the Terminal? If the former is the case, Emacs says ispell is not found (my copy of ispell was downloaded through fink) when the spellchecking function is invoked. And I found other people reported on the Internet the same problem with ispell. The solution which I confirmed worked was to launch Emacs from Terminal either by:
(1) create a shell script containing (as suggested by Andrew Choi
/Applications/ "$@"

(this assumes of course Emacs is in the /Applications folder)

(2) use the open command (as suggested by someone on the Internet; I don't remember his name...)
I personally did this:
alias emc '/usr/bin/open -a /Applications/'

(if you omit the '/usr/bin/' part, you may get 'Bus error')

After all, it seems that Carbon Emacs does not get $PATH correctly if it is launched from the Finder. So, I wondered it might be the cause of your problem, too. Hope this works.


Actually, what I did was whilst the Thesis.tex buffer was the focused
window I did M-x shell so that the shell started in the directory
containing Thesis.tex and then I did latex Thesis.tex:

[pc-62-31-76-10-ed:~/Documents/THESIS/New Thesis] jelena% latex THESIS.tex
latex: Command not found.

from within Emacs?  What do you get if you type
M-! latex RET
from within Emacs?

Again, I did M-! latex Thesis.tex, and got:

latex: Command not found

in the Minibuffer.

Note that the shell used for TeX commands is configured in the
variable TeX-shell and defaults to /bin/sh.

Now I'm a bit puzzled. The commands not working from within AucTeX was
something I assumed was wrong with tex-site.el. But the fact that latex
isn't found in Emacs from either M-! or M-x shell whilst there are no
problems in OS X's terminal is puzzling me. Emacs doesn't maintain it's
own $PATH variable does it? I thought it just picked it up from whatever
your login shell was. Although as this stuff just works on Linux, and I am
very unused to BSD in general and OS X in particular I don't suppose that
what I think is very significant!

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