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Re: bug in xterm -nw mode?

From: Sam Halliday
Subject: Re: bug in xterm -nw mode?
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003 14:34:55 +0100

Glenn Morris wrote:
> Sam Halliday wrote:
> If you press the [home] and [end] keys, what does C-h l say?
> linux console, aterm, gnome-terminal: 
> H: ESC [ 1 ~
> E: ESC [ 4 ~

same as me:
ESC [ 1 ~ 
ESC [ 4 ~

> xterm, konsole:
> H: ESC O H
> E: ESC O F

in xterm, i just noticed things are even more messed up!! M-key does not work
and C-h runs as backwards-delete-char. although, i am not fussed at fixing

> and the keys do the right thing in all of them.
> infocmp linux, xterm, xterm-color : khome=\E[1~, kend=\E[4~

i have no entry for either khome or kend in the xterm terminfos

#Reconstructed via infocmp from file: /usr/share/terminfo/x/xterm
xterm|xterm terminal emulator (X Window System), 
 am, km, mir, msgr, xenl, 
 cols#80, it#8, lines#24, 
 bel=^G, bold=\E[1m, clear=\E[H\E[2J, cr=^M, 
 csr=\E[%i%p1%d;%p2%dr, cub=\E[%p1%dD, cub1=^H, 
 cud=\E[%p1%dB, cud1=^J, cuf=\E[%p1%dC, cuf1=\E[C, 
 cup=\E[%i%p1%d;%p2%dH, cuu=\E[%p1%dA, cuu1=\E[A, 
 dch=\E[%p1%dP, dch1=\E[P, dl=\E[%p1%dM, dl1=\E[M, ed=\E[J, 
 el=\E[K, enacs=\E)0, home=\E[H, ht=^I, hts=\EH, il=\E[%p1%dL, 
 il1=\E[L, ind=^J, 
 is2=\E7\E[r\E[m\E[?7h\E[?1;3;4;6l\E[4l\E8\E>, kbs=^H, 
 kcub1=\EOD, kcud1=\EOB, kcuf1=\EOC, kcuu1=\EOA, 
 kdch1=\E[3~, kf1=\E[11~, kf10=\E[21~, kf11=\E[23~, 
 kf12=\E[24~, kf13=\E[25~, kf14=\E[26~, kf15=\E[28~, 
 kf16=\E[29~, kf17=\E[31~, kf18=\E[32~, kf19=\E[33~, 
 kf2=\E[12~, kf20=\E[34~, kf3=\E[13~, kf4=\E[14~, 
 kf5=\E[15~, kf6=\E[17~, kf7=\E[18~, kf8=\E[19~, kf9=\E[20~, 
 kfnd=\E[1~, kich1=\E[2~, kmous=\E[M, knp=\E[6~, kpp=\E[5~, 
 kslt=\E[4~, rc=\E8, rev=\E[7m, ri=\EM, rmacs=^O, 
 rmcup=\E[2J\E[?47l\E8, rmir=\E[4l, rmkx=\E[?1l\E>, 
 rmso=\E[m, rmul=\E[m, 
 rs2=\E7\E[r\E8\E[m\E[?7h\E[?1;3;4;6l\E[4l\E>, sc=\E7, 
 sgr0=\E[m, smacs=^N, smcup=\E7\E[?47h, smir=\E[4h, 
 smkx=\E[?1h\E=, smso=\E[7m, smul=\E[4m, tbc=\E[3g, 
 u6=\E[%i%d;%dR, u7=\E[6n, u8=\E[?1;2c, u9=\E[c, 

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