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Re: Code documentation

From: David Masterson
Subject: Re: Code documentation
Date: 22 Jul 2003 13:51:33 -0700
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>>>>> Lukasz Stafiniak writes:

> Is there a package for documenting the code out-of-source?  I mean,
> to faciliate writing comments in another file with references to the
> lines of source file.

Not really pertinent to this Emacs newsgroup, but...

Why do you want to document code "out-of-source"?   Wouldn't it be
better to document it "in-source"?  That way, you keep your
documentation in-sync with your code.

I presume you want to create a "text" file with comments about the
source code that you're working on.  In this text file might be (for
lack of a better word) "buttons" that, when clicked, would take you to
the code that you're documenting.  Something like this should be
possible with a package like Hyperbole, but there are probably simpler
packages for creating buttons in text.

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