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Re: piping through emacs from shell

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: piping through emacs from shell
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 17:39:08 -0600
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Shaddin Doghmi wrote:

I have an executable that makes some formatted parenthesized output to stdout. The output from that executable is unindented and ugly, but looks nice when indented in emacs latex mode. I have an indent-all function defined in my .emacs that indents an entire buffer. Now, what i want is for the executable to pipe its output through emacs somehow, and get it back all indented nicely, without me actually interactively opening up an emacs window and executing the indent-all function. is there anyway i can "use" emacs uninteractively in a pipe like this?

Sure, but you'll have to use a temporary file:

make-formatted-parenthesized-output |
  cat > /tmp/unique-file-name &&
  emacs --batch /tmp/unique-file-name -f latex-mode -f indent-all -f save-buffer 
  cat /tmp/unique-file-name
} |

Kevin Rodgers

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