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GNU NTEmacs and X

From: FRC
Subject: GNU NTEmacs and X
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2003 20:28:47 +0200


Is it possible to make GNU NTEmacs (21.3/winXP pro) use X (xfree86/cygwin,
latest) ?
I'm using a binary distro (followed links from, compiled with
MSVC++ I suppose. I would like to be able to build it myself, but apparently
there are some makefile issues with cygwin.
Cygwin now provides an emacs package (cygwin port) that can use X, but I'd
rather have the choice to run it outside of cygwin.
My goal is to have only one Emacs install on my machine, use it under X most
of the time (with KDE/xfree86/cygwin) BUT also be able to run Emacs without
X (and not in a cmd.exe...) when I got to get out of KDE (eg. when I've to
work with many windows programs and switch between them very frequently -
there's then no point in having emacs in a fullscreen KDE).

Any suggestion? (hope this is not too much OT)


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