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X platform clipboard?

From: Bruce Ingalls
Subject: X platform clipboard?
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2003 14:20:23 GMT
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FRC wrote:
My goal is to have only one Emacs install on my machine, use it under X most
of the time (with KDE/xfree86/cygwin) BUT also be able to run Emacs without
X (and not in a cmd.exe...) when I got to get out of KDE (eg. when I've to
work with many windows programs and switch between them very frequently -
there's then no point in having emacs in a fullscreen KDE).

Any suggestion? (hope this is not too much OT)

You might want to look at <url: >
Sadly, it is far more sluggish, than
<url: >
even on a 1Ghz 256M RAM P4.

What is really nice about the latest Cygwin, is that plain X Window is now rootless by default, so no Window Manager is needed.

Perhaps you can remove the root X window, by clicking on the X symbol in the system tray.

I saw somewhere a program, that is supposed to facilitate sharing between the X clipboard and the w32 clipboard.
If someone has a recommendation, please post!

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