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definitely an aqua/carbon issue (was Re: function `frame-parameters' on

From: leo
Subject: definitely an aqua/carbon issue (was Re: function `frame-parameters' on mac osx)
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2004 09:50:02 +1100

a quick update on the frames issue:

i have checked out emacs as an x11 build on mac osx. and guess what,
`frame-parameters' and all the things about frame-positions work fine! so
its definitely an aqua/carbon issue.

i'm eager to look in the source, where the problem comes from but don't know
where to start... is there any documentation about the structure of the c
source of emacs and its platform related stuff available?

cheers, leo

"leo" <address@hidden> wrote in message
> hi there
> i did some experiments with emacs frames on windows 2000 and mac osx and i
> discovered an odd behaviour on mac osx:
> the function (frame-parameters FRAME) returns the parameters-alist of a
> frame. when i use it on windows it reveals in the 'left'- and 'top'-pairs
> always the correct values.
> under mac osx it shows the 'left'- and 'top'-pairs only correctly as long
> i do not change the frame postion manually by dragging the window. after
> dragging the window, a new call of `frame-parameters' reveals still the
> values for left and top!
> that's really strange and inconvinient; particularly when you want to
> new frames depending on the position of existing frames.
> it might be worth mentioning that i use on mac osx the aqua version of
> emacs, not the X11 version, so, i don't know, but it could be an aqua
> does somebody knows: does it happen under X11 as well?
> thanks, leo

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