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Re: emacs user group in germany

From: Klaus Berndl
Subject: Re: emacs user group in germany
Date: 14 Jan 2004 08:20:56 +0100
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On Wed, 14 Jan 2004, Raimund Kohl-Fuechsle wrote:

>  On Tue, 13 Jan 2004 19:49:03 +0100
>  Carsten Weinberg <address@hidden> wrote:
> > Nikolai Bezroukov explains on hist site that German GNU/Linux users
> > mostly use vi.  It is very unfortunate that Germans don't like emacs.
> > My proposal is that making emacs more popular under Germans should be
> > one of the goals of a future German emacs user group. 
>  I use it and I like it ... and I think a whole bunch of TeXis/LaTeXis do
>  use it to ... and if it were only because of Auctex, but I honestly

There are also Germans who use Emacs not (only for TeX et. al.) but also for
programming... some Germans even try to program with elisp to make Emacs (even
;-) better suitable for programming tasks ;-), see

I don`t think that a German Emacs newsgroup is necessary for users who use
Emacs for programming but for writing TeX/LaTeX it could indeed be helpful -
especially for all special aspects of German language (e.g. Umlaute äöüÄÖÜ
etc...) and how to deal best with them with TeX/Emacs


>  believe if one started using it he will keep with it.  But, well, I may
>  be wrong :-)
>  ray

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