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Re: How remove/change appearance of "M-x" prompt when inputting interact

From: Tim McNamara
Subject: Re: How remove/change appearance of "M-x" prompt when inputting interactive command/function?
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2004 08:33:33 -0600
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address@hidden writes:

> At 23:41 (UTC+1100) on 14 Jan 2004 leo said:
>> Kevin Rodgers <address@hidden> writes:
>> do you additionally (off topic for this thread) know where emacs
>> gathers/provides the information for the left/top-postion of
>> frames?
>> i'd like to look at that for the mac osx/aqua version of emacs. -
>> see article "definitely an aqua/carbon issue (was Re: function
>> `frame-parameters' on mac osx)" in this newsgroups.
> You can set this in your ~/.Xdefaults file.  The X manpage will give 
> details.

This won't affect the OS X/Aqua version of Emacs, as Aqua does not
read any of the X11 config files.  The Carbon version of Emacs does
open with part of the window off the bottom of the screen on my
computer, and always has.  Other Carbon and Cocoa apps have the same
problem.  ISTR that there is an algorythm to make the app aware of the
display size, but many programmers do not use it.  Changing the
resolution of the display to a higher resolution is the only user-end
fix for this AFAIK.  Unfortunately my middle aged eyes don't like

As as aside, whoever used '=' as a quote string, Emacs can't format
this correctly with the M-q command.  Please use a standard quote
string so that people don't have to fix your posts by hand to respond
to them.

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