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Re: Printing under OS X

From: Tim McNamara
Subject: Re: Printing under OS X
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2004 08:59:03 -0600
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Hubert Chan <address@hidden> writes:

>>>>>> "Tim" == Tim McNamara <address@hidden> writes:
> [...]
>>> If you have a complete and working (La)TeX installation you
>>> probably (must ??) have dvips installed somewhere.
> Tim> I installed AucTeX from source, but no dvips with that or
> Tim> anywhere on my drive.  I'll look around on the 'net.  Thanks!
> AucTeX is not a (La)TeX distribution.  It is only an emacs package
> for making dealing with (La)TeX files easier.  In order to do
> anything useful with LaTeX files, you'll need to install a LaTeX
> distribution.

Yes, thank, I was able to figure out the essentials.  Mainly I want to
be able to send articles for publication formatted in LaTeX, so- as it
turns out from my research- I would be perfectly satisfied with a
previewer rather than being able to print hard copies.

> It looks like fink[1] includes a port of tetex, so you can try that.
> [1]
> Just install fink, and run "apt-get install tetex" from a terminal.
> (Or use their graphical tool, if you don't like the command line.)
> Then you'll have to fiddle with some path stuff so that emacs can
> find fink-installed software.  (I don't use a Mac, so I can't help
> you with that.  Maybe someone else can.)

I'm familiar with fink and no longer use it because its non-standard
installation paths (putting everything in a /sw directory) end up
causing more trouble than it's worth.  The other emerging standard is
to put everything in an /opt directory, which has the added benefit
of creating probelsm with /sw installations as well as putting files
in unexpected places so that standard installations can't find them.
Sigh.  The OS X community really hasn't quite gotten the hang of this

Thanks for your suggestions!  This is probably the most practically
helpful newsgroup I read.

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