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Re: mule : multibyte to 7 bit conversions

From: nospam55
Subject: Re: mule : multibyte to 7 bit conversions
Date: Mon, 09 Feb 2004 07:21:15 +0100
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After struggling around man nroff etc , I saw that passing in /etc/man.conf 
  NROFF         /usr/bin/nroff -c -mandoc
  NROFF         /usr/bin/nroff -c -mandoc -Tascii
made emacs doing manpages in apparent ascii encoding, :-)

Unfortunately however , from the shell, with 

  $ man bash > bash.tmp

I get pages wich now are in ascii (no funny utf8 stuff) , but still a plenty of 
ctrl chars
to control a terminal; how could I fix this and get only-printable ascii 
from the shell  ?

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