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Re: 64 bit processor and emacs

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: 64 bit processor and emacs
Date: Mon, 09 Feb 2004 16:46:35 GMT
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>>> Any one here have experience with Emacs on a 64 bit processor?
>>> If so, are there got_chas or what ever.  Is anyone here who can
>>> summarize why a 64 bit processor is good or better?  At least
>>> privately if its too off topic here.
>> Emacs supports 64-bit builds on a few platforms, as described in NEWS.
>> The primary advantage is that the maximum buffer size is greatly
>> enlarged.

Note that buffers larger than 2GB will still probably suffer bugs
if you platform uses 64bit `long' but 32bit `int'.
This is part of the 64bit support in Emacs that has not been properly
fixed/debugged yet.  But I haven't heard any user ever complain about it,
so it must be a rather rare occurrence.

> I'm building up a system for editing and capturing video.  I'm
> looking at athlon 64 bit processor.   Near as I can tell, I'll have
> to leave my favorite linux OS behind to take advantage of the
> software for this kind of work that is available for MicroSoft OS.

I hope not.

> I was afraid I might have a problem getting a good working install of
> Emacs which I would be lost without.  So it will likely be Athlon64
> FX and Win XP pro.

I don't think Emacs has been ported to w64 yet.  But you'll be able to use
the standard w32 version of Emacs (aka NTEmacs ) on it anyway, so there's
nothing to worry about.


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