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Our God is good all the time

From: evangelicalchurch
Subject: Our God is good all the time
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 00:21:58 +0100 (CET)

Our God is good all the time
Blessings and Graces in the Mighty Name of Our Lord and Holy Savior Jesus 
Christ to you,  your staff and your helpers and your families.
I Greet you from my heart.
We are a bible believers church of christ,The name of the ministry is 
Evangelical Church christian ministries "Evangelism is our supreme task".We are 
doing  very well through the mercy of his holy name,and growing in the lord 
over the time.I thank his Gracious for taking care of all of us.
We have been moving on as the spirit of the holy ghost detates.The ministries 
is just 3years old.For now We worshipped together in the sunday service under a 
rented Apartment.I know the everlasting God has come unto us and we are growing 
from strength to strength.
There is one area of our needs that we desire your assistance,our ministries 
have secured a loan of $250,000,00 with a finance house in canada,The loan has 
been approved but the issue now is that we need a foreign account to transfer 
this money into.because for now our church don't have an international account.
In my last corresspondence with the finance house,i asked if a brother minister 
could be of assistance and help receive the money on our behalf,The finance 
company agreed to it.
You have to help us to fascilitate this so that we can take off in earnest,Our 
young ministries need money for church 
building,evangelism,crusades,administrations and other religious matters,we are 
in dear need of this money,if you will be willing to assist us ,i will make 
this company send this money through you to our ministries,
The loan has been approved ,the cost of transfering have already been paid by 
our ministries,and the approval have been granted,What they need now is a 
foreign account for the funds ($250,000,00) to be transfered to which our 
ministries don't have for now.
I want you to see this as an assistance do not look at it from a business angle.
If you will be willing to assist us ,you have to reconfirmed your Address and 
telephone/fax number so that i will forward them to the finance house in canada 
to send the money through your church to us.
I hope to hear from you soon
Yours in the lord 
Rev. Chris Oya


Faites un voeu et puis Voila ! 

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