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UUIDGEN in lisp

From: Brad Collins
Subject: UUIDGEN in lisp
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2004 09:57:12 +0700
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As part of a major mode I'm writing, I call uuidgen to automatically
insert a UUID in document metadata.  This is fine when I'm on a *nix
box, but becomes a real pain when using a Windows box.  I've had no
luck getting rsh working between my windows and linux box.

There is no cygwin version of uuidgen (that I can find) and there is a
uuidgen.exe made by MS but it's only bundled in some other large

So I was wondering if anyone knows of a lisp UUID generator that has
already been written.  I've found a couple of unique ID generators in
gnus and message but I don't know if these are producing proper uuids.

I think it would be generally helpful to have a generic unique id
generator for a number available for any application but I'm not sure
if this has already been done or not.

Any ideas?


Brad Collins
Chenla Labs
Bangkok, Thailand

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