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Re: UUIDGEN in lisp

From: Brad Collins
Subject: Re: UUIDGEN in lisp
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2004 11:16:42 +0700
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Fantastic!  Thanks Jesper!

I never could have come up with anything like this on my own.  This
is perfect for my present needs.  I'll include a customization
item to let people switch to another external UUID generator.

I'll be studying this to learn how it works over the next few days but
as far as I can tell, I can drop this into into the mode as is.

The major mode I'm working on will be GPL'd, is it okay to include
this code in the mode?

I'm aware of uuidgen.exe but I don't have the MS SDK or the money to
buy it (or even the money to go to Panthip plaza on the other side of
Bangkok and buy a pirate copy for that matter -- thought the taxi
would cost more than the software).  I'm in _very_ lean startup mode
at the moment :)


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