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compilation-parse-errors on Emacs 21-3 win32 - what am I missing ???

From: Steve M
Subject: compilation-parse-errors on Emacs 21-3 win32 - what am I missing ???
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 03:28:09 +1100
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Greetings all,
its been a while since I last used Emacs, and I am now getting back into Fortran programming and wish to use the one true editor again. Thus I dutifully downloaded the latest Emacs binaries for Win32 and installed it all. It runs fine, except when I want to parse the errors from my Fortran compiler.

I have inserted the appropriate regexp etc into the alist in compile.el, byte compiled and loaded it, and upon execution it finds no errors in the compilation buffer. I am 99% certain that the regexp I used is fine (it used to work in an old old version of Demacs (that's showing how long its been !) and starting afresh I come up with the same thing.

I also noticed that if I do an re-search-forward on teh compile buffer with the regexp it fails, as do any of the other regexps in compile.el on the very examples of the errors provided for these regexps.

Anyone able to tell me what obvious thing I am missing here !!



P.S. here is what I added to compile.el

;; Salford FTN77 with /BRIEF option
;; ERROR  E:\F77\SRC\TESTCONV.FOR 8: ZZ has not appeared ...
("\\([A-Z]:[^ ]+\\)[ ]+\\([0-9]+\\):" 1 2)

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