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Re: why emacs 21.3 windows version can't work well?

From: Steve
Subject: Re: why emacs 21.3 windows version can't work well?
Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2004 00:12:45 +0800

Same problems, in fact, when I extract this version emacs, and startup without 
any other installation, its calendar won't work either. I also run addpm.exe to 
install emacs.

Error message:
Loading calendar...done
update-calendar-mode-line: Invalid read syntax: "#"

When I input "M-x calendar" again, error message turn into:
update-calendar-mode-line: Invalid read syntax: "] in a list"

"niDapeng"<address@hidden> writes:

> I download emacs 21.3.1 Windows version( release date:
> 26-Jan-2004). I meet so many problems. First, it can run up
> calendar, mail, etc. Others, Many lisp programs can't work well too,
> such as screen-lines.el, XAE(for docbook, emacs even can't startup
> if installed XAE)!

What happens if you start Emacs as follows:

        emacs -q -no-site-file

And then type M-x calendar RET?

Does Emacs crash?  Does it print an error message?  What error


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