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Re: HOWTO: using psgml for web development

From: Emory Smith
Subject: Re: HOWTO: using psgml for web development
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2004 12:02:08 -0700


much thanks to d. d. brierton for these much needed instructions.

i have tried been repeatedly going back and forth between html-helper-mode and psgml/mmm/etc-modes for some time now, each one seeming a bit greener when im using the other.

i have just switched back to psgml now in light of this how-to and was hoping someone might be able to help me work out some kinks...

my biggest problem currently seems to be with indentation in a php files. here's what i get when i press the tab key in a (HTML[PHP] MMM) mode buffer:

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (wrong-type-argument stringp nil)
#[nil "¬>É)(JC(B -Hƒ≈x√ ∆ )-Ai∆ XÉ\"« !Ç'(JG(B !))á á" [indent-line-function column (indent-relative indent-relative-maybe) beginning-of-line "\n " nil current-indentation indent-line-to] 2 690153 nil]()
* call-interactively(c-indent-command)

i am using andrew choi's emacs 21.3 for carbon os x 10.3 (though i get the same results from the fink x11 dist).

also, i have removed EVERYTHING from my .emacs config files except for what is listed in brierton's how-to.

perhaps i should just go back my latest html-helper-mode configuration (but how nice it would be to have html indentation in php buffers...)

thanks for any suggestions,

On Feb 29, 2004, at 7:23 AM, D. D. Brierton wrote:

I've written up some instructions on setting up a web-development
environment using psgml here:

From the page:

      The following is intended to provide instructions for setting up
      an (X)HTML editing environment for Emacs suitable for Web
      Developers. It uses psgml-mode for SGML/XML editing in
      conjunction with the DTDs for (X)HTML from the W3C, and uses
      mmm-mode to define sub-modes for Javascript (using
      javascript-generic-mode), CSS (using css-mode), and PHP (using
      php-mode). It also provides support from within Emacs for HTML

Comments welcome.

Best, Darren

D. D. Brierton            address@hidden 
       Trying is the first step towards failure (Homer Simpson)

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