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Re: user-mail-address adds from, not replace

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: user-mail-address adds from, not replace
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2004 15:04:14 -0600
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MattR wrote:
> emacs 20:
>  send-mail-function's value is
>  sendmail-send-it
>  Documentation:
>  Function to call to send the current buffer as mail.
>  The headers should be delimited by a line which is
>  not a valid RFC822 header or continuation line.
>  Defined in `sendmail'.
> emacs 21:
>  smtpmail-send-it
>  <other stuff deleted>
> BUT...
> I pulled postfix and inserted sendmail as the MTA and now things work. I
> had to set send-mail-function to smtpmail-send-it to get the mail to go
> through my isp's mail machine.

What is postfix?  It's not mentioned anywhere above.  See the comments
at the top of smtpmail.el on how to configure smtpmail-send-it
correctly.  It doesn't need any external program to work, it talks
directly to server the via SMTP.

> I've never used postfix before.  Is there a reason why it adds the extra
> stuff, or a way to fix it?

Kevin Rodgers

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