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Re: erc and the /clear command

From: Marco Parrone
Subject: Re: erc and the /clear command
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2004 19:44:22 GMT
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J. David Boyd on 13 Sep 2004 14:09:19 -0400 writes:

> Is there a flag, variable setting, etc, so that the /clear command in
> ERC will actually clean out the buffer, rathern than just push it out
> of site.
> I need someway to 'mark' the last place I was when I was reading a
> newsgroup, and /clear seemed like the perfect way, if it actually
> removed all old text.

You can move the point to the line _before_ the ERC prompt, so that
the point does not get moved, and you can continue reading from where
you stopped.


Or, you can set the mark on the line _before_ the ERC prompt, 

  C-p M->

and you exchange the point and the mark when you want to jump back.

  C-x C-x

Or, you can kill the text you have read (you set the mark before the
ERC prompt, then you move the point to the top of the page, then you
kill the region, and you move the point back to the ERC prompt).

  C-p C-a M-< C-w M->

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