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Contact information

From: Jerald B. Bond
Subject: Contact information
Date: Mon, 04 Oct 2004 07:00:22 -0600

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Dear Account Holder:

Confidential Material: Important message from the bank regarding
case number 77080
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We recently reviewed your application and we are able to lock your lo a n
at 2 percent lower then your current
m o r tgage. The market r a te   is doing remarkable and that is
why are extending this offer to our current customers.
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L o an information as follows:

Amount: Up to 355.000
Term: 480 months
Interest: 3.95%
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Update Your Account Online

Your prompt response is greatly appreciated as the spots are limited.
After your fill out the application please print this email for your
future reference.

Jerald B. Bond
Account Management
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