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Charity Assistance.

From: Dennis Wheeler
Subject: Charity Assistance.
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 09:12:04 -0400

Hi all my name is Darren,
I have never asked for charity before but when I typed it in a search engine I 
came up with your email address.
My wife had a car accident last year, shattered her back in a few places and 
now is paralyzed. I spent 9 years in the British Army and am now disabled, we 
have two kids. We are extremely poor and are in need of assistance. Our car is 
on its last leg and we really need a wheelchair accessible dependable vehicle. 
In addition the house we live in is extremely old and the doors (except for the 
front) will not allow for a wheelchair to pass through them. So we need a 
dwelling which will allow for a wheelchair to pass through the doors. In 
addition this will give her a sense of "independence" to where she can move 
freely about the house and can bathe in the bathroom.
What’s sad is.... I have searched the internet only to my disgust. It seems all 
these charity sites only want to take things, and don’t provide a place for a 
"needy" person such as ourselves to apply.
One of them, wont say which, but seemed to be a popular one, provided a contact 
email, which didn't even work  
In conclusion, I appeal to your conscience to send whatsoever the Lord lays in 
your heart to give to help us out of this condition. Please feel free to reach 
me at my personal email address: address@hidden
Darren L. Wheeler

Dennis Wheeler
30 Eric Moore Lane
Hounslow Ashford TW15 6RT

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