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Re: capture buffer to a logfile?

From: Mike
Subject: Re: capture buffer to a logfile?
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2004 17:16:14 -0000
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In article <address@hidden>, Kevin Rodgers wrote:
> Mike wrote:
> > I'm trying to convert some people to emacs and one of the features
> > they currently use is 'screen captures' to powerpoint.  These screen
> > captures are 99% text. What I'm thinking of is a small bit of code to
> > capture the current buffer from the first line on the screen
> > (displayed) to the last line on the screen (displayed, so it's not the
> > whole buffer, just what's visible), then copy that hunk to another
> > buffer that is their predefined (in .emacs?)  log file. First put a
> > timestamp, then the copied lines, then a few blank lines, then save
> > and let the user continue editing.
> >
> > Anyone have this bit of code?
> (copy-region-as-kill (window-start) (window-end))

That's what I needed. Thanks.

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