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Re: emacs for everything?

From: Maciek Pasternacki
Subject: Re: emacs for everything?
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2004 15:52:42 +0100
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On Setting Orange, The Aftermath 38, 3170 YOLD, Kai Grossjohann wrote:

>> Also, I don't like screen(1) eating my C-a which I use frequently to
>> jump to beginning of line in shell.  After thinking about other
>> binding to use, I realised that I use virtually every binding (since
>> I learned Emacs I use the same bindings in shell).
> I use ` for screen, `` inserts a single ` character.  Works quite well.

...except when you try to paste a shell script from
editor/browser/whatever.  Before I had ScreenTerm and could safely
disable hotkey I also used backtick but strange things happening when
pasting textwere annoying.

>> So I integrated shell with FVWM (current beta is at
>>, when it'll get more mature
>> I'll put it on my home page) so I can control my screen session as
>> multi-terminal by window manager.  Just in case somebody found it
>> useful.
> Cool.  Gotta look at that.

If you had any suggestions regarding keybindings (they're just
`prototype' ones, I use C-Menu (screen's colon command) for almost
everything) I'll be glad to hear them.

> I started a screen daemon and changed my WM config so that all xterms
> attach to the same daemon.  This means that the list of shell sessions
> and the number of xterms I've got are decoupled.  Very useful.  I can
> just create an xterm on demand to look at a shell session, then close
> the xterm and the shell is still there.

I prefer to run few screen sessions and have terminal windows
independent of each other.  Of course I can run the same session in
two windows but I like to have my net-related windows (irssi, ekg2,
SSH sessions, gnus-agent-batch) in one screen and `development' shells
(ones I temporarily use when programming) in second one, not
interfering with each other.  If I used single screen for everything
there'd be too much screen windows for me -- usually I use about 5
screen windows per session; more than 8-9 shells in one screen is just
confusing for me.

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