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Re: emacs calculator

From: Sean Richards
Subject: Re: emacs calculator
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2005 20:09:15 +1300
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"B.T. Raven" <address@hidden> writes:

> Thanks, Sean and Peter and Stefan. I didn't know that 'calculator was
> being autoloaded from somewhere, so I guess I can remove that line from
> my .emacs. It turns out that all of the various ways of binding the
> C-return key work just fine. The problem was that I thought .emacs was
> being read from site-lisp when in fact it was being read from d:\emacs.
> My directory structure in this neck of the woods is
> d:emacs\emacs-21.3\bin etc. Since one thing leads to another, my
> question now is whether it's possible to force runemacs.exe to look for
> .emacs in site-lisp instead of whatever is in HOME (or HOME$ or ~\,
> whatever that means). Is there a search path order where .emacs is
> looked for?

Have a look at the 'Init File' node in Emacs info 

The Init File, `~/.emacs'

   When Emacs is started, it normally loads a Lisp program from the file
`.emacs' or `.emacs.el' in your home directory.  We call this file your
"init file" because it specifies how to initialize Emacs for you.  You
can use the command line switch `-q' to prevent loading your init file,
and `-u' (or `--user') to specify a different user's init file (*note
Initial Options::).

   There can also be a "default init file", which is the library named
`default.el', found via the standard search path for libraries.  The
Emacs distribution contains no such library; your site may create one
for local customizations.  If this library exists, it is loaded
whenever you start Emacs (except when you specify `-q').  But your init
file, if any, is loaded first; if it sets `inhibit-default-init'
non-`nil', then `default' is not loaded.

   Your site may also have a "site startup file"; this is named
`site-start.el', if it exists.  Like `default.el', Emacs finds this
file via the standard search path for Lisp libraries.  Emacs loads this
library before it loads your init file.  To inhibit loading of this
library, use the option `--no-site-file'.  *Note Initial Options::.

   You can place `default.el' and `site-start.el' in any of the
directories which Emacs searches for Lisp libraries.  The variable
`load-path' (*note Lisp Libraries::) specifies these directories.  Many
sites put these files in the `site-lisp' subdirectory of the Emacs
installation directory, typically `/usr/local/share/emacs/site-lisp'.



"Hver sin smak", sa vintapperen, han drakk mens de andre sloss.

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