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Re: Windows Emacs and Screen Readers

From: Zachary
Subject: Re: Windows Emacs and Screen Readers
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 16:29:18 -0800

<jasonr (Jason Rumney) @> wrote in message 
> "Zachary" <address@hidden> writes:
>> The problem with the console mode is that, at least apparently, the
>> status line is not displayed unless I use a keystroke like M-X, to
>> force something to be displayed in the echo area.  This eliminates a
>> useful source of information for me.
> Console mode on MS-Windows is tuned for use through telnet by default,
> because many years ago it was decided that was more useful (or perhaps
> more difficult to recover from the inappropriate setting). To tune it
> to run locally, add the following to your .emacs:
> (setq w32-use-full-screen-buffer nil)
>> In graphical mode, the problems are more obvious and annoying.  They
>> manifest themselves from the moment Emacs starts up, I have no idea
>> where my cursor is, or if it is in fact reading me a correct bit of
>> information.
> This should be fixed in the development version of Emacs, which can be
> obtained from if you are able and willing to compile
> yourself, or there are a couple of 6 month old snapshots precompiled
> for Windows floating around (the Emacs wiki has links, I think).
Thanks for this useful information.  I will be sure to try it and see if it 

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