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RE: generate some html from directory content

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: generate some html from directory content
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2005 07:20:08 -0800

    i am looking for an elisp package  or routine that could help
    me to generate
    a list or a table of <a> tags in a html file corresponding to
    the content of
    a directory.

    The directory consist mainly of elisp files with few binaries and pics.

    I would  use such a  helper to generate  a index file  of files
    and  then to
    document that list.

My library `mkhtml.el' (Make HTML) does just that. It uses Hrvoje Niksic's
`htmlize.el', which creates HTML files from fontified buffers. `htmlize.el'
does not create HTML links from Emacs links (mouse-2 in Dired, to open a
file, for instance). `mkhtml.el' extends `htmlize.el' to recognize such
Emacs mouse links and convert them to HTML links. That sounds like what you
want to do, at least for a Dired buffer.

The only problem is that I have not had a chance to update `mkhtml.el' in a
number of years, and it will not work with the newer versions of
`htmlize.el'. You will have to find an old version of `htmlize.el' (I don't
know which one) to use with it. Also `mkhtml.el' works with Emacs 20; it has
not been updated to work with Emacs 21.

You can find `mkhtml.el' here:
Perhaps you can find an old copy of `htmlize.el' or perhaps you can update
`mkhtml.el' to work with a recent version (and with Emacs 21, if that's what
you have). At the least, you may be able to create what you want using some
of the `mkhtml.el' code as a guide. The Dired part of `mkhtml.el' is quite
simple, if I remember right (the Info part is more complex - see P.S.).



P.S. `mkhtml.el' also does the same thing for Info buffers: It creates an
HTML page or set of HTML pages that correspond to Info buffers, complete
with hypertext links. You can also ask it to merge a set of Info nodes
together, to put them on the same Info page.

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