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Re: header-line-format hacking

From: ytrewq1
Subject: Re: header-line-format hacking
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 02:25:40 +0000 (UTC)
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Kevin Rodgers writes:
> (setq header-line-format
>        (cond ((null header-line-format) my-header-line-format)
>              ((stringp header-line-format)
>               (list header-line-format my-header-line-format))
>              ((symbolp header-line-format)
>               (list (list t header-line-format) my-header-line-format))
>              ((consp header-line-format)
>               (append header-line-format (list my-header-line-format)))))


I'm thinking of putting something like the above in the set-up portion
of a couple of minor modes I'm working on.  It occurs to me though
if I were to turn the minor mode on, off, and then on again, I'll
be repeatedly adding my format to header-line-format.  I suppose one
way to prevent this would be to have the minor mode code try to 
detect if the header-line-format has already been modified by the
minor mode.  Does that sound like a reasonable/practical approach?

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