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Modifying the Mode Line

From: John Laiosa
Subject: Modifying the Mode Line
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2005 17:09:59 -0500

I know this is probably an easy question for the person who knows how to do
this.  I want to modify the Mode Line as it appears in my Emac Session.  I
want to add these features to the ones that already appear (name, mode,
position, etc).  The two changes I would like to make to the Mode Line are:

1) Change the back ground and fore ground colors.  Right now I have a black
back ground for the windows so the Mode Line itself does not appear, but
just the characters on the line.

2.) I want to add the full path as it appears in the buffer list so I know
what directory the file came from.

I know this can be done because I use to do it in my old job but forgot to
take the .emacs file and supporting files with me.

Thanks for your time.
John Laiosa                                         
Systems Engineering                           
The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory   
555 Technology Square, M.S. 98          
Cambridge, MA 02139-3563

Phone:  (617) 258-3656
Fax:     (617) 258-4903
Email:   address@hidden

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