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keymap problem

From: no spam
Subject: keymap problem
Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2005 05:43:28 GMT
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I've been given an account on a university system running Linux, and the Emacs version is 21.2.1. The problem is, I cannot figure out how to make my Backspace key work properly. Or rather, I can, sort of, but only by typing global-set-key each time.

Before you say "so put that in your .emacs file, and off you go" -- I've been trying to do that, but can't make it work.


I'm running Fedora Core 3 and using ssh to get to the host.

if I do M-x global-set-key while in Emacs, when I hit Backspace, it displays it as C-d (First clue something isn't right). How do I change this binding, so that my Backspace is really mapped to a backspace, and not C-d?

If I give it the function 'delete-backward-char', then Backspace AND C-d do the same thing, which is a slight improvement, but not really what I want.

and putting

(global-set-key [backspace] 'delete-backward-char)


(global-set-key [DEL] 'delete-backward-char)

in the .emacs file doesn't work:  Backspace still deletes forward.

Moreover, C-h on this system is currently the way to get backspace functionality, not "help" as it should be.

So how do I fix all this? I've been poring over the Gnu emacs website and I know it has something to do with the keymaps, but I haven't quite managed to figure it out. Thanks

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