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Re: Is Emacs becoming Word?

From: Thomas A. Horsley
Subject: Re: Is Emacs becoming Word?
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2005 16:45:44 GMT
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>If these two examples are the only problems that bug you, it seems
>like you are jumping to conclusions: the cause of your trouble is your
>own customizations, and perhaps also a few packages that are not part
>of the normal Emacs distribution.

Perhaps not his own customizations: I know (from my experience beating them
into submission) that the redhat fedora distribution and the suse
distribution both do wacky stuff to emacs. I was able to fix redhat with my
.emacs file once I discovered their annoying site-lisp/default.el file, but
I never did figure out why suse emacs was so strange - I finally just built
a nice clean emacs distribution from source and ignored suse's utterly and
all my suse emacs problems disappeared.

As far as new features being on by default goes, I can understand why
leaving them on might be a good idea. If I hate them it gives me an
incentive to read up on them to figure out how to turn them off, and if I
like them, I'd probably never see them unless they were on by default,
because I certainly never read the NEWS file unless I'm forced to :-).

I do think it would be a good idea if every item in NEWS came with
a snippit of lisp code you could cut & paste into your .emacs to turn
it off (most of them time, additional research is required once
you learn the name of the feature to discover how to actually disable
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