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Re: "Easy" Windows Emacs

From: Klaus Berndl
Subject: Re: "Easy" Windows Emacs
Date: 05 Jun 2005 15:04:01 +0200
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On Sun, 05 Jun 2005, Pascal Bourguignon wrote:

>  "Shug Boabby" <address@hidden> writes:
> >> Ok, but emacs add-on don't need a different distribution: just put the
> >> *.el in /usr/local/share/emacs/site-li sp/ or even in ~/emacs/
> >> You don't need an administrator to do it, a mere _emacs_ user can do
> >> that.
> >
> > the spell checker needs aspell/ispell/spell to be installed. last time
> > i checked, Mr Gates wasn't distributing that with XP.
> >
> > also, AucTeX isn't as simple as putting some .el files into a folder...
> > its a configure/make install procedure. that needs a POSIX shell.
> >
> > so... my request is really not as stupid as you make it out to be!
> >
> > (technical note... on WINDOWS, not UNIX-like systems, so no /usr/local.
> > but i could instruct her to install .el files the drag and drop way if
> > the adons really were just a single .el file.)
>  Of course, the first thing I do when I have to use MS-Windows, is to
>  install cygwin.  That's why I did not see the problem.  Go fetch it:
>  And of course, ispell is included in cygwin, and AucTeX is included
>  in the xemacs-sumo package.

The OP had ask for a distro with GNU Emacs not with XEmacs.

Of course all these steps are not really complicated but first of all you have
to know which steps should be done (e.g. installing cygwin or something
equivalent). It's not impossible for newbie to do these things but i can at
least not blame the OP if he ask for a complete out-of-the-box-working distro
including the editor itself and all other stuff necessary to write TeX-files
in a comfortable manner. And at least with GNU Emacs there is no such distro -
at least AFAIK.

BTW: This discussion leads for me to the old topic concerning the lack of a
package-system of GNU-Emacs - IMHO one of the most disadvantages of GNU
compared to XEmacs - surely, that one of XEmacs is not perfect (really not ;-)
but after all it *IS* a package-system which can make live easier - at least for
the users and for the newbies - maybe not for the package-programmers ;-)
But a well defined package-interface could also have a lot of advantages for
the package-programmer...but now I'm going really off topic i see... ;-)


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