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automatic selection of emacsclient/emacs?

From: Hattuari
Subject: automatic selection of emacsclient/emacs?
Date: Tue, 07 Jun 2005 22:32:59 -0400
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Is there a clean way to get Emacs to start as a client when there is an
available server?  I find it moderately annoying to have to look around to
see if there is already an instance of Emacs started in order to determine
if I should enter `emacs' or `emacsclient'. I much prefer running
emacsclient when I already have one instance of Emacs running.  One option
is to try and sniff for emacs with ps and filter out the current processes
such as grep emacs, and (assuming the script I'm running is also called
emacs) the launch script.  It would seem more correct to directly check to
see if the service is available.  Is there such a capability? 

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