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Problems with Emacs CVS Head in MacOS (Carbon)

From: Alberto Manuel Brandão Simões
Subject: Problems with Emacs CVS Head in MacOS (Carbon)
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005 10:41:22 +0100
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Hi, all.

I compiled emacs cvs head without problems under Tiger using --without-x and --with-carbon. It works very well, but I have a slight problem with faces.

The default font used is too small. When I try to change the font used, or if I try to change its size I loose extended ascii characters (like 'ç' or 'ã'). They appear as a small rectangle/box.

Anybody has any idea why this happens?

Thanks in advance.
Kind regards,
Alberto Simões - Departamento de Informática - Universidade do Minho
                 Campus de Gualtar - 4710-057 Braga - Portugal

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