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Re: Remap key to UK pound sign

From: zaphod
Subject: Re: Remap key to UK pound sign
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 22:13:32 +0100
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Peter Dyballa wrote:

> Recent Carbon Emacsen use QuickDraw from the days of Mac OS 8 or 9 
> (last millennium). Then, there were anything but Mac encodings, I think 
> Mac OS 9.1 brought some early Unicode support to the Mac. I remember 
> that I already had some struggle with fontsets then. Today the 
> developers can't test everything unless they're hundred or more. Check 
> in CharacterPalette the Unicode blocks, i.e. scripts supported by 
> Unicode! The few developers that actually work on display issues can't 
> do that. And it's a nice feature allowing me to customize some things 
> ... Prêt-à-porter Carbon Emacsen exist too. They have the font or 
> fontset and other issues fixed. Why didn't you choose any of these: 
> (
> -0.9.2b8.dmg?download +, 
> carbonemacspackage.html ?
> The cheap solution is to use the bitmapped GNU Intl fonts 
> -etl-fixed-... I think all European glyphs are contained in them, but 
> they look pretty ugly. So Carbon Emacs is something of a hack near the 
> end of a dead-end street. There is an effort going on to use ATSUI to 
> 'render' text in Emacs. I can't see much progress, and Christmas 
> (2006?) is far away either.
> The best performance is brought to you by Unicode Emacs 23. It runs in 
> X11. When using Apple's quartz-wm as proxy for your preferred Window 
> Manager you can copy&paste with other Quartz/Aqua based Mac OS X tools. 
> Similarly well is GNU Emacs 22 performing in X11, it only needs some 
> more advise in fontsets.

'Fraid this is well over my head. I just want an editor that works so that I
can get some work done instead of having to know as much as the Emacs
development team just to get it working :-(


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