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Re: non-interactive extracting the contents of a tar-file

From: Tim X
Subject: Re: non-interactive extracting the contents of a tar-file
Date: 28 Jun 2005 18:16:22 +1000
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Klaus Berndl <address@hidden> writes:

> On Mon, 27 Jun 2005, Peter Dyballa wrote:
> >  
> >  Am 27.06.2005 um 12:23 schrieb Klaus Berndl:
> >  
> > > Is it possible with tar-mode (or other already existing elisp-code), to
> > > extract the full contents of a tar-file to a certain directory (or
> > > at least to
> > > default-directory)?
> >  
> >  There is an easier work-around in Emacs shell:
> >  
> >  cd <some directory>
> >  tar xf <some tar file>
> Hmm, i forgot to mention that i want it do without external programs like
> tar and gz!
But doesn't emacs tar-mode just use tar 'under the hood'?

It may be possible to work out how to extract files from a tar archive
reasonably easily, but the unzipping/decompressing is going to be
difficult/impossible. Also, keep in mind that as GNU tar also supports
bzip2 compression, we are likely to see archive.tar.bz2 as well as
archive.tar.gz more often. 

Why the need not to use the correct tools? Is it because of platforms
which may not have tar or tar and gunzip equivelants and if so, what


Tim Cross
The e-mail address on this message is FALSE (obviously!). My real e-mail is
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