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Re: stack overflow with (re-search-forward "..." nil t)

From: rgb
Subject: Re: stack overflow with (re-search-forward "..." nil t)
Date: 5 Jul 2005 14:21:30 -0700
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> I don't understand the `noerror' argument to re-search-forward, when it is
> `t'. For some kinds of errors it works, but I still get stack-overflow
> errors signaled, instead of the function returning nil. The doc string and
> Elisp manual simply say that `noerror'=t returns nil in case of error.

If you expect it should return nil even in the case of a bad argument,
I don't think that was the intention.  In fact I'd be complaining if it
did work that way.  A wrapper is definitely necessary to get that level
of safety.

Having said that, it sounds like a bug.  Although your wrapper might
appear to work I  suspect it just masks the true problem.  That being
either your regexp is bad and the error isn't being detected/reported
in a useful way, or the regexp is OK but your combination of regexp
tokens and buffer data trigger a bug that ultimately crashes the
search.  Either way I don't think a wrapper is the answer.

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