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Re: Query Major Mode

From: Tim Johnson
Subject: Re: Query Major Mode
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 11:32:58 -0800
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> There are lots of ways, depending on what you mean by query.  Does `C-h m'
> do what you want?
  Oops! Poorly phrased question. My apologies. What I would like to
  do is perform this query programmatically. 

  Is that possible?

  Now perhaps I should elaborate in case I am barking up the wrong
  tree and there is a better way:

  Let's suppose I want to write a subroutine that first, queries
  the major mode, and then calls the appropriate subroutine for
  the mode.

  *pseudo-code* example:

(defun previous-subroutine ()
    (eq major-mode "python")(previous-python-subroutine)
    (eq major-mode "C")(previous-C-subroutine)
    (eq major-mode "rebol")(previous-rebol-subroutine)

  ;; and then keymap of course.


>     Pointers to docs should suffice.
> `C-h i' Emacs
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