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Re: igrep on remote files with tramp?

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: igrep on remote files with tramp?
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 13:28:54 -0600
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Daniel Berdine wrote:
> I need to work with files on a remote server, and tramp so far has
> seemed the best way to get the job done. However, I would very much like
> to be able to use the igrep functions, in particular dired-do-igrep, in
> this context. Unfortunately, igrep doesn't seem to know how to use
> tramp. Looking at igrep.el (2.112), there appears to be at least some
> support of ange-ftp built in. Does there exist a version of igrep.el
> that knows about tramp as well as/instead of ange? Or, does anyone know
> of any other way to make it work? My Google searches so far turn up
> zilch.

igrep only supports ange-ftp (and efs) to the extent that the
igrep-visited-files and Buffer-menu-igrep commands explicitly ignore
remote files.

To properly support remote files, igrep would need to invoke the grep
command in a remote shell.  I know there has been discussion about
whether Emacs should implement process handlers, so that tramp could run
programs on a remote host when invoked from a buffer visiting a remote
file.  But I don't know what was decided and implemented (if anything).

Kevin Rodgers

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