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Re: change of variable name in 21.4

From: Baloff
Subject: Re: change of variable name in 21.4
Date: 06 Sep 2005 05:40:03 +1000
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Neon Absentius <address@hidden> writes:

> On Mon, Sep 05, 2005 at 07:10:54PM +1000, Baloff wrote:
>  > C-u M-x then inserted the output not in the mini-buffer but in a
> > buffer. 
> No.  
> C-u provided the universal argument to the command that M-x invoked.

how do I insert the output of 'M-x version' in a buffer? other than
the mini-buffer.

> > now C-h k for describe key, how do I put the sequence (C-u
> > M-x) into C-h k, as soon as I type C-u it goes to work so I don't get
> > to type M-x.
> I am not sure I understand this question but if I do undrstand, your
> question is based on a misconception and does not admit a meaningful
> answer.
> > 
> > thanks 
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