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M-x Occur destroys *grep*'s *greppness*

From: David Combs
Subject: M-x Occur destroys *grep*'s *greppness*
Date: 29 Sep 2005 18:40:47 -0400

Try this (I'm using a cvs emacs, but that should
make no difference, I think):

M-x grep some regexp on some (two or more) files.

Test it: in *grep*, see if a C-c C-c jumps you,
*Occur*-like, to the correct file and line in
that file.

Presumably, the above works just fine!



Switch into *grep*, and do a M-x occur *there*,
using some regexp that wlll match one or more lines
in that buffer (*grep*).

Now, test C-c C-c in *Occur*, and see if it properly
jumps you to the correct line in *grep*.

Presumably, the above works just fine!


NOW, test that existing *grep* to insure that it *still*
works -- just like the C-c C-c tests you did from within
that SAME, UNCHANGED *grep* buffer up above.

OOPS!!!!  *grep* some got broken!!!  No longer "alive"!


Question: Bug or feature?



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