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Re: interaction with "internal" emacs processes.

From: rgb
Subject: Re: interaction with "internal" emacs processes.
Date: 7 Oct 2005 10:06:56 -0700
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>  > (defun my-cvs-checkout-example ()
>  > ""
>  > (call-interactively 'cvs-checkout)
>  > (message "checking out cvs repository finished") ;;. I want it be run
> as cvs-checkout is finished and here it is not.
>  > )
>  >
> defadvice.el is exactly for situations where Emacs doesn't provide a
> hook:
> (defadvice cvs-checkout (after message activate)
>    "Display a message when finished."
>    (message "cvs-checkout finished"))
I'm totally lost on this line of thought.
How is it possible that any function f-b could execute before
f-a completes.


Your statement implies that the advice on f-a (i.e. f-c)
somehow won't execute until after f-b completes.

(defadvise foo (after f-b) (f-c))

Otherwise what's the point of needing advise?
You could just put the functionality of f-c in f-b
(which is what the OP said didn't work).

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