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RE: Highlighting the right margin

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Highlighting the right margin
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 14:43:05 -0700

    highlight-beyond-fill-column.el does have this line
    (provide 'highlight-beyond-fill-column)

And you tried:
    (require 'highlight-beyond-fill-column)
    (load-library "highlight-beyond-fill-column")

    Now the .el file came with a tarball I obtained called
    emacs-goodies-el-24.15, and I just dropped the file in my
    Other .el files deposited in that dir have been working great for me.

1. If other libraries in that dir work, then that dir must be in your
`load-path', but check that variable anyway, to make sure.

2. Make sure the `provide' is at the top level of the file, so it is
evaluated by loading.

3. Verify that the `require' or `load-library' is in fact getting evaluated
in your .emacs. Check buffer *Messages* to see if there is a message
indicating that a load was tried but the library could not be loaded. If
not, double-check your .emacs code.

4. Load the file manually, after entering Emacs:

 `M-x load-library RET highlight-beyond-fill-column

If that works, the library is in your load-path, and it should also work in
your .emacs. If it doesn't work, the directory with the library is not in
your load-path.

5. Try to load manually by feature name, not library name:

 `M-: (require 'highlight-beyond-fill-column)

If that works, then the `provide' is working. If that doesn't work, but #4
worked, then the `provide' is not working, for some reason - check it
closer, in the file.

6. Double-check your spelling.

7. Make an sacrificial offering to the EmacsWiki.


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