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tool-bar-button margin / extra offset in tool-bar

From: David Reitter
Subject: tool-bar-button margin / extra offset in tool-bar
Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2005 11:16:35 +0100


how would I go about setting the tool-bar-button-margin so that there is no ugly grey space between the real tool-bar and the text area?

To illustrate what I mean, I'm attaching two small screenshots - one without the grey area, one with it.

PNG image

PNG image

Troubleshooting this, I have found out that "good" values for the vertical component of tool-bar-button-margin are multiples of the frame char height (div 2). The following figures are examples (good values, vs. frame char height):

6 + n*10    20
0 + n*7        14
2 + n*8     16
4 + n*6      12
1 + n*7.5      15

The offset is what I'm stuck with. Where does that come from?

I've tried finding clues in xdisp.c and found it impenetrable.

Thanks very much for any help.

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